A’s-Angels — A Preponderance Of Bees, Perhaps?

As we know from our study of horror movies, it’s usually flies that congregate in places where Satan has taken up residence. That’s why I was surprised by this development — Scott Boras‘ private box at Anaheim Stadium was overrun by a giant swarm of bees today.

This brave nature photographer was no help whatsoever, so stadium workers had to use a giant Dustbuster to vacuum up the bees so that LA could continue spanking the A’s, 9-1.

As far as I can tell, Boras wasn’t even at the game. But John Lackey was, and got his 100th career victory for the Angels. The bees were relocated to a Simi Valley apple orchard on directions of PETA.

But the real news comes out of San Francisco, where the Giants proved that grand slam turnabouts are fair play, coming back to beat the Rockies 9-5 to tie Colorado for the NL wild card lead. Woo hoo!