Tiki Barber Has Someone To Party With Tonight

Our favorite image of the Super Bowl telecast was a shot of Jeremy Shockey sitting in the suites, with a wide assortment of fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages sitting in front of him. Why wouldn’t he want to be on the sidelines with his teammates? Hmmm.

Jeremy Shockey On Crutches At Super Bowl

We don’t know why we take pleasure in Shockey completely missing out on the game and the glory. But we’re probably not alone.

So what was a bigger upset, the Giants win, or Troy Aikman saying absolutely nothing interesting or insightful for 3+ hours. Can you imagine being stuck on a Southwest flight to Tucson next to the guy?

Giants Tapestry Throw Super Bowl Wrong Score

Now pardon us as we get on the horn to Home Shopping Network to order our Giants “21-14” Super Bowl champion tapestry throw. We’re mesmerized.

After watching the ESPN Super Bowl postgame shows, this is one of the few times we long for access to NFL Network. Have you noticed just how tentative Emmitt Smith is on the air now? Stumbling on almost every sentence. We think we know the reason why.

It actually makes us a little sad. He’s got Michael Irvin sounding like Sir John Gielgud.

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