Co-Owner Of Jared Allen KC Bar Burned By Trade

As Jared Allen settles in as a new member of the Vikings, the KANSAS CITY STAR focuses on the victim hurt most by the trading of the popular Chief:

The Kansas City bar with his name on it.

Jared Allen Chiefs

(May I tell you our drink specials this evening?)

The Jared Allen Sports Arena & Grill had just opened in K.C. last March. But now just over a month in business, the big name attached to the local eatery is no longer a hometown hero. And such a turn of events may have made co-owner & general manager Chuck Tabor lose his appetite:

“Up until last week, he and I had no idea a trade might happen. And I tell you what: We’d have never built a restaurant had we known a trade might happen. Never.”

Even though the defensive star is now plying his trade in the Twin Cities, Tabor says Allen still wants to be involved with the bar:

“I talk to Jared every day, or at least text every day. He still wants to stay involved with it. He loves this place. He loves Kansas City. He was hoping to stay here a long time. He’ll be back in here Saturday, as a matter of fact.”

Aw, that’s sweet. But in the long term, what’s Chuck to do, now that Jared is not a part of the K.C. sports fabric?

Tabor already is brainstorming some options, like making part of the bar a haven for Vikings fans on Sundays. He has even thought about teaming up with another Chief, who hopefully might last longer in Kansas City.

“Maybe someone like Brodie Croyle,” Tabor said. “He’s a great guy. We probably could have gotten Boomer (Grigsby), but he’s gone, too. We even have a Boomer’s Burger still on the menu.

“Brodie Burgers” does have a certain ring to it.

If the restaurant continues to serve good food at reasonable prices, fans should continue to flock in, no matter if the place was named for Jared Allen or George Allen or Woody Allen.

However, if the eatery somehow closes, Tabor could take small comfort that it wasn’t the only big-name K.C. place to go under.

But we hope Jared’s joint continues to flourish, just so the restaurant’s nifty website stays online. Any site that greets its visitors with Billy Joel’s “Allentown” (get it?) is OK by us.

*UPDATE*: Only two weeks later, Allen’s bar has been boarded up.