A.I., ‘Sheed Having Trouble Selling Their Houses

Oh, subprime mortgage crisis, why do you mock the rich and famous? Sure, the current dismal housing situation has hit the middle class the hardest, but that’s way too depressing to discuss on a sports blog. Instead, to take our mind off the drudgeries of the real world, we can point and gawk at those more fortunate than us. Misery loves company and whatnot.

Allen Iverson's home

NBAers Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace, who have combined to earn more than $261 million in their careers, are having a tough time selling their homes. So tough, in fact, that they’re slashing prices (Everything must go! Priced to sell! … so on and so forth) — Iverson has dropped the price by 37 percent; Wallace by six percent.


Built in 1991, the six-bedroom, 14,000-square-foot house is in Villanova, about 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia. … [Iverson] paid $5 million for the house in 2003, records show, and listed it for $6.3 million; he’s now asking $4 million. …

As for Mr. Wallace, the Detroit Pistons forward has lowered the price of his Portland home to $4.9 million from $5.2 million.

To recap: the economy is in shambles and we’re all feeling the brunt of it. Well, almost all of us; just below the story of Iverson and Wallace having trouble unloading their houses is a blurb about Matthew Modine laying down $1.7 million for a condo in Chelsea. And he already owns a townhome in Greenwich Village. Jeebus, the royalties for “Any Given Sunday” must be through the roof. Who knew.

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