What We Really Want: Money Honey In A Thong

You may remember our treatment of Speedo’s recent Olympic swimsuit rollout with Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps Speedo

The lunch-minded masses no doubt appreciated Speedo’s less-is-more approach when it came to promotional materials marketing the second skin. Sadly though, no such luck when it came to sports biz reporter Darren Rovell during his regrettable stand up with Phelps this morning on CNBC.

Rovell decided to slip on the suit for his visit today with Olympic champ Phelps (who was apparently wearing Mary-Kate Olsen’s pants and an Italian police officer’s belt).

Darren Rovell Michael Phelps Speedo

To be fair, Rovell doesn’t look too bad. Especially considering what we see every morning on Ocean Drive here in Miami (well-fatted German tourists who know no shame).

We do detect some padding in the Rovell’s lower pelvic region*, to perhaps flatten things out a bit. And for that, we would like to personally thank NBC Universal and its subsidiaries.

Maria Bartiromo

Now if we can only get the Money Honey (Maria Bartiromo) to strap on a thong.

* Rovell emails us to snuff out our earlier observo: “I did not pad my pelvic region.