What Wall Street Crisis? Mets Suites Selling Out

Some pretty interesting news in the wake of today’s historic Dow Jones tumble - Under 9,000! We’re through the looking glass here, people! - is that this recent financial trouble has had just about no effect on the sale of season tickets for the New York Mets. In fact, they’re being renewed quicker than ever.

Rich Guy and Hot Girl

(Spot the rich guy)

According to BLOOMBERG, the recent pair of epic collapses - one on Wall Street and one on the baseball diamond - hasn’t stopped metropolitan- based fat cats from purchasing extraordinarily expensive seats. How expensive, you ask? How’s about a $250,000 starting price with some as expensive as $500,000? Ooh la la!

BLOOMBERG has the details:

`We haven’t seen the effects of the economic situation, but certainly we are mindful of the economy and especially in our community and market place,” Dave Howard said in an interview. “We have a unique historical situation that maybe gives us a little bit of an advantage to withstand some of the challenges that the economy is presenting.”

The renewal rate of season-ticket holders has been “extremely high,” Howard said. The top ticket price at Citi Field is $495 compared with $117 at Shea. Half the seats will be $50 or less, with 80 percent under $100.

The New York Yankees are also moving into a new ballpark next season that with more premium seats and 56 luxury suites, almost triple the amount at their old stadium. The top ticket price is $2,500 a game.

But let’s forget about the uber-rich for a moment. Let’s close the post with a healthy dose of reality, checking in to see how the Everyman is dealing with this financial crisis. What we’re talking about, obviously, is a quick photo montage from our new favorite website, SAD GUYS ON TRADING FLOORS:

Sad Guy, 1

Sad Guy, 2

Sad Guy, 3

Now that’s a sentiment we can all get behind.