What To Do With Carrier Deck: Why Not Hockey?

With the last two New Year’s Days featuring the ultra-cool (and ultra-cold) Winter Classics, it’s fair to say that outdoor hockey has been enjoying a mini-resurgence. The old “frozen pond” romanticism is something the NHL had probably gone too far away from over recent years, and this effort to get back to the roots of the game was long overdue.

USS Eisenhower
(Gary Bettman is set to charge the military $100 million to move the carrier as a “relocation fee.”)

But not all outdoor hockey is created equally, of course, and there are probably pretty specific geographic limitations as to where one could pull off a game like that. Or so you’d think, anyway. If the Norfolk Admirals get their wishes, they’ll be playing a game in probably the most bad-assed environs yet: the deck of a freaking aircraft carrier.

As the hockey blog COMING DOWN THE PIPE claims (via PUCK DADDY), the Admirals are shooting for, shall we say, a nice game of “Ike Hockey“:

A  source has told me that the AHL club is trying to plan an outdoor game on the DECK of the USS Eisenhower, that just returned to Norfolk after a 6 week deployment in the Arabian Sea. The ship can accommodate up to 5000 fans.

No date has been set, but I’m hearing the game will take place after the upcoming New Year.

Three words, gents: Please. Be. True.

*UPDATE*: In future news from 2010, the Norfolk Admirals have actually forfeited their game atop the USS Eisenhower.

Apparently, the Admirals took a 2-0 lead midway through the first period, declared victory, then unfurled a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner.

The Admirals then quickly left the deck, while their opposition rang up goal after goal until the referee was forced to declare the situation a quagmire and award the match to the opposition, who are known simply as “The Base.”

According to sources in Washington, politicians and military officials alike are scrambling to send a “surge” of hockey players to the beleagured carrier.