What The? Little Kiddies As “Human Cockfighters”

Us native Missourians have always had the pioneer spirit. So it comes as no surprise that Missouri, according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, is the only state in the nation that “explicitly allows” children to actually take part in MMA bouts (in many states, it is a misdemeanor for children to participate).

Baby MMA

AP account on such a bout involving two “young boys”: “Two members of the group called the “Garage Boys Fight Crew” touched their thin martial-arts gloves in a flash of sportsmanship before beginning a relentless exchange of sucker punches, body blows and swift kicks.”

For the AP report, the fights observed were in some guy’s garage in rural (surprise!) Missouri: “the children wear protective headgear, shin guards, groin protection and martial-arts gloves. They fight quick, two-minute bouts. Rules also prohibit any elbow blows and blows to the head when an opponent is on the ground.

Sounds like Daddy and Mommy watched a few too many “Karate Kid” movies.

Youth boxing has been going on for ages, and we aren’t too sure that’s a good idea either. But safe to say that boxing is much more regulated and properly supervised than the described MMA kiddie stuff.

The person who should be alarmed with all of this is Vince McMahon. The same kids who are now into MMA were the backyard wrestlers of yore.

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