The Amount O.J. Believes His Life To Be Worth

While the more spiritual among us see the recent O.J. Simpson guilty verdict as just the universe’s way of righting a past wrong, the fact remains that O.J. would still be a free man if he just didn’t have to have that memorabilia of his back. So it’s kind of interesting to finally get the list of exactly what the memorabilia was.

O.J. Simpson

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL does the legwork on this one, obtaining the court documents for the viewing pleasure of the O.J.-hating public. So come on, my friends. Let’s all print out the list, meet at the water cooler, and laugh at The Juice, who is no longer on the loose.

The complete list of sports memorabilia, after the jump.

  • A football marked with “O.J. Simpson / Detroit Lions; 11/25/1976 NFL Record–273 yards rushing”
  • A football marked with “O.J. Simpson, 4 touchdowns, Bills 45, Patriots 31, 11/23/1975″
  • A football marked with “Juice 1000 yards, Bills 23, Chiefs 14, 10/29/1973″
  • A football marked with “O.J. Simpson Pro Football Hall of Fame 1969/1979-Inducted 8/3/1985″
  • A football marked with “Kodak All America Team, 1975″
  • A football marked with “O.J. Simpson Heisman 1968″
  • A football marked with “Juice 250 yards, Bills 31, Pats 13, 9/16/1973″
  • A football marked with “O.J. Simpson 2003 yards, 1973; 10,183 yards rushing, Hall of Fame 1985″
  • 164 photographs from his last game at the University of Southern California in 1969
  • 140 photographs of Simpson with the Buffalo Bills 14 photographs called Simpson/Heisman
  • Framed All American Football Award
  • Framed AFL Award
  • Bag containing 23 Joe Montana lithographs

That last item is the only thing that we’d go to jail for as well. Montana was a pimp.

If you’re in the mood for a more official-looking PDF file that includes all of the property, then head this way. There’s not much else of interest there, except for mention of a “Framed J. Edgar Hoover Photo” which we imagine is only worth something because it’s finally proof that he was a transvestite! About damn time.

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