What It Takes To Fail At Lingerie Football: A Brain

I’ve always wondered, what type of woman wants to play in the Lingerie Football League? Is it the type of person who gets naked for a living, then gets upset when nude photos of her circulate? Is it the type of person so comfortable playing in a bra and panties that they protest if a game is to be held in a nudist resort? Well, yes and yes. But not everyone there is an airhead.

Lingerie football tryouts

(This young lady’s quite a catch - and hopes to make one, too)

One hopeful recently tried out for league, and luckily for us wrote about her experiences for the DENVER POST. She’s got a master’s degree, is a magazine editor, and can throw a 50-yard spiral. While quite comely, no bimbo she. So would her perfect package of brains, beauty and athleticism get her onto the team? Let’s just say the Lingerie Football League is has much less to do with football than sex.

Pics of the prospects, after the jump.

Lingerie Football League Tryouts

(Our intrepid reporter seems to be the only one who knows how to handle a football. See pics below for evidence)

Shannon Hurd went to an open tryout for the Denver Dream, and right away we learn that there might be more to this than her 40-yard dash time. What other sports league requires headshots? Hurd sized up her competition:

The morning of tryouts was a crisp 40 degrees, but this didn’t stop most of the 32 girls who showed up from wearing low-cut sports bras, short shorts, even miniskirts. Most were in their 20s, a few in their 40s. Their occupations ranged from Hooters waitress to engineer.

And the competition sized up each other.

[LFL Founder Mitchell] Mortaza had said we’d also be evaluated on spirit, so whenever he was within earshot, girls cheered loudly. As soon as he walked away, this enthusiasm evaporated. I noticed several girls eyeing each other and smirking when someone messed up.

There were standouts. But while a fast sprint or great catch earned you praise, nothing received more attention than a tight, sparkly sports bra.

When the tryouts wrapped up, several new girls, all gorgeous, arrived for interviews. When cuts were announced, some of the girls who missed the actual tryout were named to the team. There apparently isn’t a place in lingerie football for the real athletes like Hurd.

Is this a surprise to anyone? If we want quality football, we have the NFL. But if we want our football to be played by attractive women in their underwear, do we really care if they can read a route? Shannon Hurd was a little down when she found out she was cut. She ought to be proud of it.

Lingerie football tryout

Lingerie Football League Tryouts

Lingerie Football League Tryouts