What If Jay Mariotti Deleted His Twitter Account

And nobody noticed?

Jay Mariotti deletes Twitter account, and no one notices

(Awright awright, not exactly Nostradamus)

Two weeks since I Tweeted the above message, Mariotti has already gone Petrino on his rapidly disintegrating Twitter fanbase.

Jay Mariotti deletes Twitter account, and no one notices

(Sad: Jay not around long enough to understand Google cache.)

When he first created his Twitter account, Mariotti crowed about the “thousands” of followers he accrued so quickly. That figure stopped at around 3,900. From there, Mariotti actually lost nearly 600 followers - before quietly deleting his account in defeat.

So why did Mariotti pull the plug?

If his number of followers had continued to grow exponentially like his ESPN-a-factured colleagues, think he would’ve still quietly tiptoed out the back door? #rhetorical

I always wondered what would happen to a media *celebrity* like Mariotti if he suddenly didn’t have a broadcast monolith to prop him up. Forced instead to live and work like so many of us .. in an actual meritocracy.

We have our answer.

Unless you have the power of a captive, national television audience every single day, your number of actually reactive Twitter followers is a function of the entertainment value you bring to the community.

If you disagree, you either aren’t in the game or haven’t been privileged such a condition.

Amazing how people with the strongest opinions about Twitter - which are almost universally negative - are the ones who have never spent any consistent, significant time on the site.