What If Booster Could Listen On Oregon Headset?

Allen Brettman of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN has a Q & A with billionaire University of Oregon benefactor - and Nike founder - Phil Knight this week.

Phil Knight headset

(Call him Coach Knight)

In the piece, Knight essentially confirms that he has access to the feed of Oregon football coaches on their headseats during games.

Q: True or not. There’s a headset in your suite at Autzen so you can listen to the play calling.

A: If it was true I couldn’t say, huh?

Q: Why, is it illegal?

A: No. I just wouldn’t want to talk about it … if it was true.

This isn’t the first time the subject has come up.

Bud Withers of the SEATTLE TIMES wrote in 2006 of Knight:

So Knight has become sort of a mythic figure, around which swell unconfirmed legends. A Nike tattoo on his left calf. A night he showed up in drag at a company party. A headset in his skybox at Oregon, linking him to the Oregon coaches during games.

As Knight’s luxury suite at Autzen Stadium was being completed in 2003, the EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD also made mention of a Knight being availed a “headset tuned into game coverage.

Somehow I think that game coverage entails a little more than the sideline musings of Holly Rowe.

If Knight only knew what he was missing!

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