What Happens When Young Penguins Try To Fly

Hockey writer Sean Leahy of YAHOO SPORTS BLOG points us to this recent SCRANTON (PA) TIMES-LEADER report:

Penguins Can Fly Hockey Streaker

(Keeping the good folks of Scranton going until the next episode of “The Office”)

Two Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins were charged by Scranton police following an incident early Sunday morning in which the team captain allegedly ran naked in view of a police officer.

According to the police report, officer Michael Marino was on routine patrol at 2:29 a.m. along the 100 block of Adams Avenue when he saw a group of men standing in the street. As he drove closer, one man, who police later identified as Nathan Smith, came out from behind the group and started running naked toward Marino’s location. When the officer approached, Smith, who is the Penguins captain, apologized and said he acted on a bet.

The Office Ryan Stone Nathan Smith

Also charged for public drunkenness was Smith’s teammate Ryan Stone. The two have since apologized to anyone who would listen. That really shouldn’t be necessary, since the good citizens of Scranton aren’t getting many laughs these days - at least until the next “Office” episode.

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