What Can Brown Do For You? Commit To Kiffin

Bryce Brown has finally chosen a college. The prized running back recruit has decided to run to Rocky Top.

Bryce Brown

DR. SATURDAY reports that Brown has Volunteered to commit to the University of Tennessee. (Guess all that crazy Kiffin recruiting works, after all!) But Bryce’s announcement didn’t come without a little suspense.


During his announcement, Brown first pulled out a Miami hat, then handed it to his brother. He then he pulled out the Tennessee hat.

The ol’ switch-n-bait! Last year, Bryce actually committed to the ‘Canes, where his brother Arthur plays. But Brown had second doubts, and he started looking for alternatives. Heck, he was even thinking of joining the CFL. So he took a couple visits to some other schools, including two stops in Knoxville. The first UT trip wasn’t so great, but the second was apparently influenced by a higher power:

“I asked God to reveal it to me,” Brown said. “He gave me the sign. When I first went there (on official visit) I wasn’t feeling it. I had a lot of concerns about Tennessee and the offense. When I went back, I got the sign. God told me that I was a Volunteer. I just felt it.”

And with Lane in charge of the Vols, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways.