Blog-Some: What 115,000 Dodgers Fans Look Like

• For those still stuck in traffic, THE GRIDDLE cooks up this nifty photo from Saturday’s Dodgers-Red Sox game at the L.A. Coliseum:

Dodgers at Los Angeles Coliseum

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE wants it both ways, as they wonder if they’ll ever see a two-sport pro again.

• LIGHTNING STRIKES slashes up news that Tampa Bay skater Dan Boyle almost had his own Richard Zednik/Clint Malarchuk moment.

• 100% INJURY RATE has a song in their heart, as English soccer star Wayne Rooney doesn’t know his own country’s national anthem.

Wayne Rooney

(Gotta sing! If I only knew the words!)

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK senses some family friction, as Tom Coughlin’s son-in-law may skip out on the Giants’ voluntary workouts.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS learns the NCAA are party poopers with their cancellation of the proposed Gridiron Bash.

• I’M WRITING SPORTS wonders what would have happened had Ken Griffey Jr. stayed healthy.

Ken Griffey Jr injured

• FOOD COURT LUNCH offers some portion of how generous the Raptors’ Jose Calderon could be.

• BASEBALL DIGEST DAILY is one and done, as they call up 15 MLB players whose only career hit was a triple.

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