What $1 Million/Billion/Trillion *Really* Looks Like

We hear sports blurbs all the time about pro athletes signing million-dollar contracts & pro owners building billion-dollar stadiums. But have you ever stopped to think what a million dollars actually looks like? Or a billion? Or a trillion?

Dr Evil

(”Did somebody say … ONE MILLION DOLLARS?!?!?!”)

Wonder no more, as the website DELIVERIES GALORE (via a tip from TRUE HOOP) delivers a fun visual comparison of how such monstrous monetary amounts appear when presented in smaller denominations.

Since this is professional sports we’re talking about, the smallest dollar denomination athletes & owners probably ever see is the $100 bill. Here we see what $1 million worth of $100 bills looks like when compared to what appears to be Mark Cuban in a red shirt (based on the hair & sneakers):

1 million dollars

Eh, it’s a pretty big handful, but Mark could probably comfortably carry all those bills in his pockets - or a man-purse. However, see what happens when that $1 million becomes $100 million - or the cost of a shoe endorsement contract with LeBron James:

100 million dollars

An American Arlines Arena staff forklift would come in quite handy about now. And a whole forklift fleet would be pretty useful to haul around those same bills if they totaled $1 billion - or the cost of a new Cowboys stadium:

1 billion dollars

As for $1 trillion? You’ll need every forklift in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to manage these million millions:

1 trillion dollars

That tiny red dot you can hardly see in the lower left is our man Mark.

So the next time you hear about a big-name bank getting a gigantic government bailout or a team owner begging for a taxpayer-funded sports palace, consider how much dough they have to deal with and the inevitable back pain that comes with carrying such ludicrous loads. Poor guys.