We’ve Not Heard Last Of The Packers Bikini Girls

Buried at the end of a column published Saturday, the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL has an update on those Lambeau Bikini girls we’ve all come to know and love.

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

Apparently, the Maxim spread is still very much a possibility. Which is a polite way of saying, “God Bless America.”

Pat Connors, the father of two of the young women, Jen and Ashley Connors, said Maxim magazine is still deciding whether to feature the bikini girls in a PG-13 photo spread. Jen and Ashley are from Mauston, and cousin Liz Gray is from Wausau. All three are college students in Wisconsin.

The gals have offers to do their swimsuit jump-around thing at arena football and hockey games. They may soon help to market a line of bathing suits and a neck-warmer device. And they hope to autograph photos to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

The phone isn’t ringing as much as it was last month, but ‘it does seem to have some legs yet,’ Pat Connors said.”

As your Lambeau Bikini Girl leader, we are happy to bring you this update.