Oh, You Aussies And Your Donkey G-String Antics

Sorry to keep bringing this up, but when are Australian swimmers going to stop exposing themselves to train passengers wearing nothing but a novelty g-string with a donkey face covering their junk?

Simon Partridge

Our protagonist is 18-year-old Simon Partridge, who earns bonus points here. Because when it was time to get arrested for his little flashing episode, he tried to flee police. And then resisted arrest. Oh to see a pasty white swimmer battling police while wearing a donkey-face g-string … and so-called YouTube has nothing!

Oh, and the case came up in Wollongong Local Court (laugh track).


Simon Partridge was wearing a G-string with the face of a donkey on the front when he pulled down his pants “for a few seconds” in front of passengers on a train at Bulli station.

Partridge, 18, of Park Rd, Bulli, told the court he had worn the underwear after accepting a dare from friends and pulled down his pants to show a friend who he said was travelling on the train.

Police were at the station and saw the incident.

When they approached Partridge, he fled and later resisted arrest.

The court heard that since recently ending his swimming career, during which he competed at a national level and for Corrimal Swimming Club, Partridge had “let his hair down.”

(Laugh track).

(This is now my second-favorite novelty g-string)

My only real regret here is that this story doesn’t involve Stephanie Rice.