We’ve Got Today’s Lebron-To-Leave-Cleve Update

Impossible-to-pronounce Adrian Wojnarowski of YAHOO SPORTS covers the possible cleave between Lebron James and the Cavaliers, despite team owner (and busy tax guy) Dan Gilbert and the city doing all they can to maintain their mulling monarch.

Lebron James Jay-Z

Wojnarowski is the latest points to James’ close relationship to Jay-Z, who also happens to be part owner of the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.

Sonny Vaccaro knows all parties involved, and thinks the possibility of James jetting to JFK for a stint with the newly-boroughed NBA club is a realistic one.

“I think that LeBron will have to look long and hard about leaving Cleveland,” Vaccaro said. “Dan Gilbert and the city have embraced him. They’ve done everything they can to make a championship-type trade. Danny Ferry did a good job with that. But knowing LeBron and knowing the world as I see it, the most appetizing thing would not be the New York Knicks for him, but the Nets with Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z is the one person that I can put in a parallel universe with LeBron from where they started and where they are now. If LeBron has a role model in life, it’s Jay-Z. I’ve never been around a more perfect match of young genius. What would be better than these two kids in New York?

“Maybe this is only able to happen once, when the money is there in New Jersey, and his contract is up in Cleveland. When you think of the marketing roll that LeBron could be on after winning gold in Beijing, wow. …I’m not sure the sun and moon have ever aligned like this.”

The Brooklyn Nets will be the hottest thing to hit the NBA since Shaq migrated to L.A. 10 years ago. We think Lebron is gone, and that’s a shame because he was meant to play his entire career in his quasi-hometown. At least in our humble born-in-a-rust-belt-town opinion.

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