Westbrook Punching People Again - Now For Profit

When you hear the name Michael Westbrook, you might think, “Hey, he’s a pretty good running back for the Philadelphia Eagles.” And you would be wrong, because that would be Brian Westbrook. No, Michael’s main claim to fame is that he’s the former Washington Redskin who beat up teammate Stephen Davis during practice.

Michael Westbrook

Well, Mike figures if he’s gonna fly his fists into other people’s faces, he might as well get paid for it. So now it’s come to this - Michael Westbrook, cagefighter!

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG punches up the latest news of the ex-NFL receiver as he enters the squared circle … er, octagon … er, some kind of polyhedron. And he’s not just doing it for himself - he’s hitting heads & kicking butt to help out others in need.

Westbrook has been showing off his slugging skills for an MTV show called “Bully Beatdown”. From what I can gather, the show is about bullied victims getting revenge on their victims by having MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller offer the bullies a lot of money to step into the ring & battle it out with other MMA fighters. Who needs the court system when you can solve civil disputes by cracking some skulls & punishing some solarplexes?

Anyway, here’s the video to judge for yourself. (It’s a full episode, so better grab some Kettle Corn & a Mr. Pibb before you settle down to watch):

The whole confrontation in the gym seems pretty fake to me. But it is refreshing to see Westbrook fight on the side of goodness & decency for once. Next stop, UFC? Hope you’re paying attention, Dana White.