West Virginia Suing Rodriguez Over Buyout Money

West Virginia University seems to have gotten over Rich Rodriguez running out of Morgantown to grab the Michigan job, and they wish him the best of luck in Ann Arbor.

Rich Rodriguez West Virginia thumbs up

Just kidding - the school is suing their ex-coach over possible breach of contract.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Big East institution is taking their former gridiron general to court over money owed as part of his buyout.

According to Rich’s deal with WVU, the coach would owe the college $4 million if he left before his contract was up. The contract requires Rodriguez to pay the money over a two-year period, with the first third due 30 days after the end of his employment.

Rich Rodriguez point

Well, Rich resigned December 19 so he could replace Lloyd Carr. However, the Mountaineers don’t think Rich is going to pay up the first $1,333,333.33 by January 19 - or if any of it at all by December 2009. So, the school is hightailing it to the Halls of Justice to get their money…and get it now.

Seems a little harsh? This is the same state where a Charleston radio DJ was fired for playing the Wolverine fight song repeatedly on-air.