WVU Fan Wants Pat White’s Baby; Erin Andrews Is A Sports Blog Icon

WVU FAN WANTS QB’S BABY; ERIN ANDREWS A BLOG ICON: SI’s ON CAMPUS features a photo of West Virginia fans finding a unique foray for family planning:

West Virginia fans Pat White baby

Watch what signs you hold up, missy. Erin Andrews is known to be the jealous type.

Speaking of the effervescent ESPN sideline reporter, the TUCSON CITIZEN writes about how Andrews is such a popular figure on the Internet:

Erin Andrews walk sideglance

Also revealed - the sky is blue, birds go ‘tweet’, and Lee Corso is nuts.

Erin will be in Tucson Thursday night, to help cover the Arizona-Oregon tilt. And she has one request for the UA students in the stadium: “Don’t leave at halftime.”

As DEADSPIN observes, “A picture of Erin Andrews, and/or a story about her, is a recipe for page view goodness.”

Erin Andrews cutout

Looks like the CITIZEN met its click quota for the day.

Erin Andrews sandwich

Not that we would stoop to such lazy tactics.

Erin Andrews Photos