“We’re Not In Gainesville, They Don’t Give a F—”

Last Sunday two University of Florida basketball players were charged with breaking into a car in St. Augustine, Florida.

(”They’re going to find you bro, you can’t be a f—ing fugitive!”)

Freshman Cody Larson, 19, and sophomore Erik Murphy, 20, both face felony burglary charges. A Florida basketball manager, Joshua Adel, was also charged with serving as a lookout for the alleged crime. All three have been suspended indefinitely from participating in basketball activities by coach Billy Donovan.

Jacksonville’s FirstCoastNews.com obtained an audio recording of a 33-minute conversation between the three in the back of a St. Augustine police cruiser after Murphy and Adel were arrested.

The recording features Adel and Murphy inside the car with Larson on speaker phone. For the complete audio and transcripts of the conversations, assembled and reported on by FirstCoastNews.com’s Erich Spivey, click here.

The above video includes excerpts from the half-hour audio recording.

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