Were Athletes Afraid To Publicly Support McCain?

If you think the vast majority of high profile athletes are supporting Barack Obama, you haven’t been talking to their agents.

Barack Obama

(Barack Obama: Bears Packers Fan!)

From on-the-record media reports leading up to the election, I don’t recall too many athletes who didn’t say they supported Barack Obama. But off the record, there are apparently plenty of pro athletes who are voting McCain in order to protect their exorbitant salaries from an Obama tax hike.

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NFL Agent Gary Wichard to the PALM BEACH POST: “They all talked to me: ‘Man, we’re going to get killed with Obama’s tax increase.‘”

The fact that most McCain supporters on at least one NFL team are taking cover from the media was all but confirmed by a Miami Dolphin.

Dolphins wide receiver Greg Camarillo on his teammates’ reticence to publicly go against Obama: “I think we have a lot of closet Republicans in the locker room. Due to income of a lot of people, they want to vote Republican to spare their own income. But they won’t admit that openly in the locker room.”

Overall, I would guess endorsements by sports figures are running 25-to-1 in favor of Obama over McCain. And when an athlete has supported McCain in public, a potential tax hike by Obama is usually a primary reason.

Seahawks Tight End Jeb Putzier to the SEATTLE P-I: “No. 1, I’m conservative and I’m of strong Christian faith. No. 2, I’m in the highest tax bracket. No. 3, I’m a small business owner. All of those things point to McCain.

Titans Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth to USA TODAY: “A lot of guys should be all for McCain if they like their money.

While Obama is sure to enjoy an landslide victory over McCain, why do you think that the athletes who do support McCain are afraid to make that public?

I also saw Pete Carroll publicly said this week that he would vote for Obama. If he was voting for McCain, you think he would’ve gone on the record?

Just askin’.