We’re Anxiously Awaiting Our First Residual Check

Last month, we presented video of a college sports anchor having a little trouble in front of the camera - sort of a “Boom Goes The Dynamite: The Sequel”. Now the nervous desk jockey is enjoying the fame of his foul-ups.

Thomas Brodbeck funny video

The HUNTINGTON (IN) HERALD PRESS catches up with Thomas Brodbeck, the Huntington U. student whose on-air aggravation has become a YouTube sensation. Viewers are treated to such anguished lines as, “Can we start over?” “This is why I want to be a director,” and our personal favorite, “You’re going down, Lauren.”

Little did we know that SbB would help nudge Brodbeck to sudden super stardom.

A classmate amused by Tom’s performance put the video up on YouTube, just as an inside joke between their friends. And that’s where we come in.

Tom explained, “A Web site called ‘Sports By Brooks’ got a hold of the video and posted it on their site. After that, I watched the number of hits on the video grow from 22,000 to 50,000 and now has been viewed over 70,600 times.”

(The video that’s brought so much joy to John Salley & Co.)

Since then, the legend has grown across the country. WJOX radio in Birmingham played & enjoyed the clip so much, they eventually invited Tom to appear on-air. “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” also loved the clip & tried to get Tom on their program.

Now, NBC recently told Brodbeck that they’ll be using the clip as part of their “Most Outrageous Moments” show. Appearing on network TV is certainly a long way from cringing in the campus studio.

But Brodbeck’s taking all the new-found attention in stride: “I just think that it’s funny because it’s me being stupid and it’s always fun to make people laugh. We put it up there for fun and it’s not worth getting mad. I can laugh at myself as much as anyone else.”

And yes, Lauren has officially gone down.