Went To The Islands And All I Got Was A Van Pelt

Back in Miami after three more days of shooting in the Caribbean over the holiday weekend. How do you like my new Van Pelt?

Brooks Virgin Islands

I’m getting some amazing shots of your favorite SbB Girls down there. I’m also shooting a new SbB Girl in the Caribbean June, and that’ll be it for the Caribbean for now (I’m a little fried at this point, figuratively and literally).

I’m moving back to L.A. in July, and will focus on shooting there and Hawaii for the next few months. Though I am planning a trip to New York in July to shoot - and Paris as well later in the summer.

More specifically, I will be in New York for the MLB All-Star game to cover the proceedings for SbB. While I’m there, I will shoot 2-3 new SbB Girls. As you can imagine, we have loads of never-before-seen SbB Girls content coming soon. Hopefully some of it will be out as soon as next week. At the very least before June is out.

That said, the photos that we are currently adding every day are new photos from previous photo sets. There are no repeats. And there never will be. Our archive is now well over a million photos (plus hundreds of hours of unseen video), so new content will never be lacking. At least not in my lifetime.

I’m back to posting for the complete week, with Jason, Tuffy and Sussman. Thanks to Monday Morning Punter for picking up the slack over Memorial Day weekend.

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