Wendy’s White Sox Still Trampling On My Royals

In the last two days, SbB Girl Wendy and I have been knee-deep in the two time-honored traditions Kansas City is famous for: Sick BBQ and watching the Royals lose.

Wendy with Chicago White Sox Fans in Kansas City

(Dude, like we didn’t see you sneak that celly snap?)

Already in the first two games of a three game set, the Chicago Pierzynskis, have had the courtesy to wipe their feet on everybody’s favorite MLB doormat, the Royals.

So what do beleaguered KC baseball fans do when they host beautiful women from Chicago and then see the home team embarrassed by a Cook County club whose owner possesses the most impressive combover this side of Don Rickles?

Why … take her to a BBQ joint that doubles as a gas station, of course!

Here’s Wendy outside my beloved Oklahoma Joes, which is indeed located inside a *filling* station. (Hehe, I’m so clever.)

SbB Girl Wendy at Oklahoma Joes BBQ in Kansas City

While there we feasted like Vikings on pulled pork, brisket all why getting our fluids topped off.

So if you’re keeping score at home, Oklahoma Joes is the second of KC’s holy BBQ trinity, which also includes Jack Stack - which we patronized pregame on Friday.

One more to go tomorrow, along with an opportunity to watch Zack Greinke gack the final game of the series.