Welsh Family Hits Holes in One In Three Consecutive Days

GOLF FAMILY GETS HOLES-IN-ONE THREE DAYS STRAIGHT: A family in Wales scored a rare triple-crown in golf, as mom, dad and son all swatted a hole-in-one in three consecutive days:

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Matriarch Gill Mackenzie started the fun when she made it in one shot on the 9th hole at the Llanfairfechan Golf Club. The following day, hubby Ray saw nothing but the bottom of the cup when he aced the 11th one.

And the day after that, son Sam completed the trifecta when he repeated his dad’s performance on the same 11th. A spokesperson said the odds of such a feat happening were “between 10 and 15 million to one.”

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And Ray thinks he knows the source of the impossible shots: “The tremendous thing is that Sam had bought a pack of balls for Fathers’ Day and we both got the holes-in-one with balls from the pack.”

But something could be said about Llanfairfechan (if you can even say it), as golfer Dafydd Owen ducked two holes-in-one in one round at the course last year.