Well, Tomlinson, Which One Is It? Coke Or Pepsi?

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports on a site called COOLSPOTTERS, essentially the Gawker Stalker for famous people gaining street cred with merchandise. So if you see Jamie Moyer taking Centrum Silver, you find/make photographic evidence of it and upload it. Simple enough.

LaDainian Tomlinson internal cola war

But what about those celebrity endorsements that could contradict? LaDanian Tomlinson, for example, was once a VitaminWater spokesman, and now shills for Gatorade. One’s owned by Coke, the other by Pepsi. Awk-ward.

Rovell asks the site’s founder Aaron LaBerge about the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement watchdog citizen journalism:

“Darren: The sports endorsement world is basically founded on the premise that we trust that these athletes use the products they promote in the advertising. How will this site change that?

Aaron: Consumers want authenticity. Look at almost every pop-culture or sports magazine today. They all have features that show celebrities or athletes, in real life–walking down the street, using their cell phone, drinking a beverage, or just filling up their car. People want to see what is real, and that’s what Coolspotters is all about. We make it really easy to discover what products your favorite celeb or athlete is using in their everyday lives. Consumers have struggled with finding this information, and it’s never all existed in one place. Until now.”

So wait. We actually do care what famous people are using which products? Because if guys like Tomlinson are in favor of Coke and Pepsi and Dr. Pepper and Sprite and Fanta … then that’s just what we used to call a “suicide drink” growing up. I didn’t need a public endorsement to enjoy that beverage.