Well That Sucks: Pro Football Talk Blog Hacked

I’m assuming some idiots got hold of a login password at PRO FOOTBALL TALK:

Pro Football Talk Hacked

I didn’t contact site purveyor Mike Florio about it, since he’s no doubt scrambling to get the site back up. Hang in there guys.

At last check, there’s now a “database error” message on the site, which tells me the site should be up again soon. Let’s just hope everything’s backed up.

UPDATE: Site is back up. All is well.

UPDATE #2: Turns out PFT was planning a server upgrade today, so perhaps it wasn’t hacked after all.

UPDATE: #3: Florio confirmed that the site wasn’t hacked. It was indeed a server change. The Word Press screen, according to Florio,”popped up” somehow and a user took liberties with. Which Florio actually found amusing.