Welcome To Another Edition Of SbB’s “Al Says”!

Ben Bolch of the LOS ANGELES TIMES drops off this gem:

Al Says: Feature Steve Phillips Jumpoff

Reporting from Atlanta - Baron Davis called it heartbreaking. Eric Gordon said it was not up to par.

Al Thornton?

“It was a decent trip,” the Clippers forward said Wednesday night at Philips Arena after his team concluded a two-week journey with a 103-97 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. “We could have done a lot better, but it was a decent trip.”

Asked what he meant by “decent,” Thornton fell silent for several seconds.

“What was our record on this trip, anyway?” he inquired.

Informed it was 2-6, Thornton chuckled and said, “I guess not so decent, then. My bad.”

Not mentioned: two of six losses were to the 4-44 Nets and 11-38 Minnesota with the 14-day excursion ultimately resulting in head coach Mike Dunleavy’s ouster.

Al Says: Vlad The Impaler

New interim Clippers coach Kim Hughes reacted to Thornton’s comment today to Andrew Siciliano on KSPN-AM in Los Angeles.

Al Says: Jose Canseco MMA

“I didn’t like the comment by Al if that’s indeed what he said. He showed a lack of concern for what’s going on.”

Why would Hughes be upset about Thornton’s comments? It clearly shows that Thornton has picked up on exactly how the Clippers organization approaches its business. An affirmation if I’ve ever heard one!

Speaking of a lack of concern for what’s going on, how about Donald Sterling somehow allowing Dunleavy’s top lieutenant Hughes to oversee a team that wildly underachieved in the Dunleavy-Hughes system?