Welcome Back To Denver, Jay Cutler! (Flusshhhh!)

Jay Cutler knew that he’d have to return to Denver eventually, and that it probably wouldn’t be pretty. But the ritual burning and flushing of his old jersey? Somewhere, Cutler is looking at this photo, as a single tear rolls down his cheek. I hope you’re happy, Broncos fans.

It’s Jay Day everyone! The Bears at Broncos begins in two hours, as the prodigal son returns to Invesco Field, just as predicted in Old Testament. But this photo poses many questions. For example:

I see that the women are flushing a Cutler jersey in a makeshift toilet, but then why are they both wearing Cutler jerseys? Is ritual disrobing soon to take place? And according to the story in the DENVER POST, the Cutler flushing ceremony took place on Saturday at Wrigley’s Chicago Bar in Golden, Colo., which is a Chicago Bears fan bar. What’s up, Bears fans? What happened to “We must protect this bar!”?

The toxic cloud of bitterness that’s wafting through the Rockies is just too much for a small pocket of Bears fans to withstand, evidently.

The folks at Wrigley’s Chicago Bar … couldn’t get a permit to burn the jerseys, but they set up an orange-and-blue toilet for flushing jerseys away, a can of tar to tar-and-feather the jerseys and other tools (a giant sander, a weed whacker) in order to destroy the No. 6 jerseys.

“We’re tired of all the spoiled brat, punk sports figures,” said Jamison Coomes, who sold anti-Cutler T-shirts and stickers at the event. “Brandon’s the next one.”

Brandon Marshall won’t be playing tonight, so all of the vitriol can be conveniently funneled in one direction. Less than two hours to go!

Not all Denver fans are Cutler haters, obviously. Many blame Josh McDaniels, who, according to some, ran Cutler out of town. And as our NFL LIVE friends above point out, what of Kyle Orton? I would agree that the real pressure tonight is on him, especially following his inglorious past two outings.