Weis Asked Coach If He Wanted Pic With His Ring?

You might remember that Charlie Weis did all he could to rehab his image through the media during the offseason, but apparently the real Chuck is still seeping through.

Chuck Weis Dot Com

(Yep, they’re jumping off Chuckwagon in droves now)

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE today relates an embarrassing story about Weis as he was recruiting Terrelle Pryor last year. Very embarrassing.

The guy who once boasted he “could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow” strolled into Jeannette High School in the spring of 2007 to recruit superstar quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Jeannette coach Ray Reitz knew a bit about Charlies Weis and his reputation. Still, he was stunned by what he describes as a level of conceit he never had seen from the dozens of college coaches he had visited with over the years.

Weis certainly made a lasting impression.

“Arrogant as hell,” Reitz said.

When Reitz told Weis that Pryor might attend a USC quarterbacks camp, he remembers Weis replying: “Why send him there? If he’s with me for one day he’ll be good, two days he’ll be great and three days he’ll be incredible.”

Later, unprompted, Weis asked the Jeannette coaches if they wanted to take a picture of his Super Bowl ring. “I did it, just to be polite, and then gave [the picture] to one of the kids,” Reitz recalled.

I would normally say that Reitz burned a serious bridge if he ever wanted to get into college coaching, but Weis’ name is mud in coaching circles at the moment. And somehow, lotsa people have actually been impressed by Weis’ recruiting acumen, so I’m not grabbing the Frankenstein torch on the ND coach just yet.

Wish I could say the same for Irish fans, who’ve already launched the cleverly-named ChuckWeis.com.

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