Oly Weightlifter Makes A Very Painful Wrong Turn

• An Hungarian weightlifter gets bent out of shape over a very painful lift.

Janos Baranyai weighlifter arm twist

• Players from Spain’s Olympic basketball team fail to see the harm done with their little slant-eyed photo op.

Chad Johnson might be taking this whole “Ocho Cinco” thing a bit too far.

• Those Nebraska wrestlers who had pics pop up on a gay porn site have been cut from the Cornhuskers squad.

• One day, you’re guarding the Olympic torch relay. The next day, you’re a heartthrob to millions of Chinese girls.

• American gymnast Alicia Sacramone is quite a knockout - literally.

Jason Kidd has had it with Danish model girlfriend May Anderson hanging out all night with Lindsay Lohan.

• Steroids can really bring out the man in a female athlete.

• A CFL player gets Caleb Campbell-ed by the U.S. Air Force.

• Georgian wins gold in judo, spends post-match moment proudly pointing to his nation’s flag in front of Russian opponent.