Get Protection - Everybody’s Scoring This Week

This could be the week to price some new scoreboards. On Monday night, Kansas crushed Texas Tech 109-51, giving the Red Raiders their most lopsided loss in school history. In the same evening, the Capitals buried the Bruins 10-2, with Washington star Alexander Ovechkin netting a hat trick - in the first period.

Kansas basketball Alexander Ovechkin

These two blowouts follow a pair of poundings from Sunday - the East Kentucky Miners mauled the Atlanta Krunk 194-113, while the West Chester softball squad slaughtered Lincoln in a doubleheader by a combined 78-0.

What’s with all these pumped-up scores in such a short amount of time?

Maybe the current media infatuation with performance-enhancing drugs is so strong, that just the mere mention of steroids is seeping some of that scary strength into other sports.

Or maybe some coaches treated their players to a “Semi-Pro” matinee, and the movie was just that darn inspiring.

Well, the week’s just started. It’ll be interesting to see what other beatings await in the next 5 days. We’ll keep a (black) eye out for ya.

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