Week In Review: Witt Wants Winter Games in Ger.

• We’re keeping abreast of ex-figure skating champ Katarina Witt’s efforts to bring the 2018 Winter Olympics to Munich.

Katarina Witt

The IOC would have to be a bunch of boobs not to hear her out.

• New blood tests reveal that Steve McNair was probably passed out drunk when he was shot & killed by Sahel Kazemi.

• Can’t Michael Jordan go throught at least one round of golf without being bothered by a giant inflatable penis?

• Secret video of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James is finally released - in two versions, even! The final review: Meh.

• ESPN doesn’t feel like making news about the rape allegations aimed at Ben Roethlisberger. Why not? The accuser seems newsworthy enough.

• After being acquitted of rape charges, ex-NFL kicker Tony Zendejas decides to sue the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for harassment.

• Mets player development VP Tony Bernazard lays into minor league team by tearing off his shirt & calling a player a p****.

• British model Katie Price has her sights set on becoming the next super soccer WAG. First on her list: Frank Lampard & Cristiano Ronaldo.

• White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle hurls a perfect game, thanks in part to Ozzie Guillen’s previous “racist” decision.

Tim Tebow admits that he’s still a virgin. But that’s no reason to not vote him first-team All-SEC, Steve.