Week in Review: The Soon-to-be Sharapova of Golf

• Meet Maria Verchenova, the swinging Russian sweetie who hopes to do in golf what fellow countrywoman Maria Sharapova has done in tennis.

Maria Verchenova

Glen “Big Baby” Davis makes Magic fans cry by hitting a game-winning shot - then bowls over a young courtside spectator. Of course, the kid’s dad isn’t very happy with the Raging Luna-Celtic.

• A Baltimore-area stripper claims that there’s nothing Michael Phelps likes better than sex & spitting tobacco.

• That Nuggets-Mavericks series certainly was a fierce one. If it wasn’t Mark Cuban getting into it with Kenyon Martin’s mom, it was Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee LaLa Vasquez jawing with Dallas fans.

• But Dirk Nowitzki steered clear of any such confrontations, since he had his own problems with his own fraudulent fiancee. Hey, Dirk - Tony Banks feels your pain.

• Football season will soon be upon us - lingerie football, that is. Here’s some pigskin pics from the tryouts for the Miami Caliente & Tampa Breeze.

Corie Blount gets sentenced to one year in prison for his previous pot bust, but not before the judge comes up with this cannabistic comment: “Cheech And Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much.”

Joakim Noah knows how to spend his offseason - in the Caribbean with his bare-breasted gal pal. Hey, he’s just following his dad’s lead.

• If Little League moms aren’t trying to assault 12-year-old players, softball coaches are trying to have sex with 12-year-old girls, while hockey coaches succeed in having sex with 16-year-old players.

• How long did it take the Citi Field streaker to plan out his cheeky run? Would you believe eight years?