Week In Review: Shawne & Tila Get All Choked Up

Shawne Merriman & Tila Tequila have had quite the memorable week, haven’t they?

Shawne Merriman Tila Tequila

• Bengals QB Carson Palmer is worried that someone’s going to die in the NFL. Meanwhile, other Bengals QB Jordan Palmer has no worries about big brother’s USC squad beating the Buckeyes.

• Sounds like Danica Patrick will be racing over to NASCAR next year.

Melanie Oudin had a great run at the US Open, although she could have done without the hotel eviction & her parents’ impending divorce.

• In the meantime, Novak Djokovic entertains the Flushing Meadows fans with his impression of John McEnroe - only to have the real deal come down & serve the Serb a lesson in an impromptu match.

• Why did Allen Iverson go to the Grizzlies? Because God told him to.

• ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER columnist Mark Whicker uses the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping as context for a light-hearted look at the past 18 years in sports. Surprisingly, a lot of folks were perturbed by the piece.

• The Lingerie Football League wants to prove it’s just as rough ‘n’ tough as its male pro counterpart - by ripping off opponents’ bras & panties.

• Ex-NFL lineman Orlando Brown pays a visit to his ex-wife’s house - and ends up trashing the place & leaving poop in the toilet.

Dick Vitale offers to help pay the funeral expenses of a Tampa-area high school cheerleader senselessly killed in a car shooting.