Week in Review: Rihanna Bonding w/Laker Bynum

• Singer Rihanna appears to be rebounding from a rocky relationship by bouncing over to Lakers star Andrew Bynum.

Rihanna Andrew Bynum Playboy Bunny

• The Mets don’t appreciate Dwight Gooden writing on their walls.

• Thunder players are blown away at how windy Oklahoma City is.

• A high school volleyball coach is caught servicing a supermarket manager in a city park parking lot.

• What it was like covering University of Georgia gymnastics.

• Beach … er, sand volleyball is now officially an NCAA-sanctioned sport.

• Why was Alabama blown out in the Sugar Bowl? Nick Saban blames the Crimson Tide fans.

• The Chicago Bears hope Jay Cutler cuts down on his late-night carousing.

• Sideline reporter Lindsay Soto has the best NHL cleavage … er, coverage.

Brandi Chastain’s famous bra is bottled up in bankruptcy court.