Week In Review: Pitino Pays $3,000 For Abortion

Rick Pitino’s reputation has taken a huge hit, as the Louisville b-ball coach impregnated the woman who’s been trying to extort him, then paid $3,000 for the abortion.

Rick Pitino Karen Sypher

And now Karen Sypher says her marriage to Cardinals equipment manager Tim was all just a sneaky plot by Pitino to keep an eye on her. But hey, don’t blame Rick - blame 9/11!

• The release party for the new Miami Dolphins cheerleaders bikini calendar was quite the spectacle.

Jay Mariotti denies that he’s going to be writing for the Chicago Tribune. Can’t wait to see Jay’s debut column in the Trib on September 1st!

Manny Ramirez gets a memorable reception from San Francisco Giants fans - the same kind of reception that Barry Bonds used to get everywhere else except in the Bay Area.

• Engaged Malibu fashion designer Ali Kay may have encouraged Reggie Miller’s unwanted advances by sending the ex-NBA star photos of herself in bed & in a bikini. At least Ali’s still pretty good at making clothes.

• Why would someone be blowing kisses & flirting with ESPN.com writer Jemele Hill while on the 405 ? L.A. drivers really are crazy.

Jeanie Buss believes that boyfriend Phil Jackson will be leading the L.A. Lakers for longer than most people think.

• The Argentinians really know how to hold a new soccer uniform launch - more ladies, less apparel.

Nastia Liukin is one athlete whose Twitter account is worth following, thanks to all the superb self-snapshots she’s been loading up.

• Of course, an SI editor had to do one better by Tweeting some sneak peek pics of beautiful Bar Refaeli posing for next year’s swimsuit issue.