Week In Review: McNair Shot & Killed By Mistress

• Police have determined that 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot & killed ex-Titans QB Steve McNair, ruling the deaths a murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

• Seems sadly ironic that McNair had filmed a PSA about suicide prevention just a few weeks before. And Steve’s wife was reportedly “blindsided” by her husband’s affair.

• Interesting that Sahel had recently put up all her furniture for sale. More interesting that her ex-boyfriend performed a rap about shooting someone.

• During Michael Jackson’s memorial service, Magic Johnson recalls his fondest memory of the “King of Pop” - sittin’ on the floor & eatin’ KFC.

• FIU’s cheerleading squad is saved. Thank you, bikini car wash!

• ABC “Superstar” & T.O. tormentor Joanna Krupa just happens to have a similarly sexy sister.

• F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone defends Hitler in an interview, but apologizes afterward - then gets right back to the Jew-bashing.

• Gee, what to watch? T.O.’s new reality show, or the E! True Hollywood Story on baseball’s better-looking wives.

Manny’s back, bringing much entertainment to the fans in New York - but not bringing a nice meal to his temporary minor league teammates.

Erin Andrews takes a ball to the chin. (Oh, stop giggling.)