Week In Review: Jessica Gets Big, Romo A Cheat?

Jessica Simpson is livin’ large nowadays, while boyfriend Tony Romo might have banged another broad right in Jess’s own bed.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

Pat O’Brien could be coming to an ESPN radio station near you.

• Turns out cheerleading is a contact sport, after all. Allllllright!

• Tampa will have it all this weekend - Super Bowl, strip clubs & prostitutes.

• A high school dance team is disbanded after a dirty halftime performance.

Mark Sanchez is keeping his NFL representation in the family.

• Arizona Cardinals big wig Michael Bidwill is a ’screaming tyrant‘.

• Win or lose, don’t expect any Super Bowl parades in Pittsburgh.

• And the winner of today’s seat-grabbing soccer caption contest is…

Nicaragua soccer goose

Abe Froman, who punches up this quip: Must be Maradona’s “Hand of God” copping a feel.

Thanks for playing. But before you go, one more quick question:

Who do you see winning Super Bowl XLIII?

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