Week In Review: Harry Kalas, Mark Fidrych R.I.P.

• A sad way to start the baseball week: Phillies announcer Harry Kalas & former Tigers pitcher Mark Fidrych both pass away on the same day.

Harry Kalas Mark Fidrych

• But it was nice to see Brian Bosworth help save an Oklahoman’s life.

• Wedding bells have rung for a couple of tennis stars: Andy Roddick ties the knot with Brooklyn Decker, while Roger Federer marries his manager.

• Padres pitcher Heath Bell is p.o.’ed about ESPN’s overwhelming coverage of all things Yankees, Mets & Red Sox.

• That stinks: Dwight Howard has a passion for passing gas.

• A California high school cheerleading coach gets canned after school officials are tipped off to her previous posing for Playboy.

Erin Andrews really puts the “EA” in “EA Sports”, as the ESPN sideline sweetie will be featured in the new NCAA Football 10 video game.

John Madden booms his way out of the broadcast booth. Next stop for the Madden Cruiser: The Oakland Raiders?

• Meanwhile, fellow TV talker Stephen A. Smith is shown the door by ESPN.

• Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz moves from Penthouse Pet Erica Ellyson to “Deal Or No Deal” Briefcase Girl Lindsay Clubine.