Week In Review: Granny Going After David Stern

Joel Przybilla got a $7,500 fine for his part in an NBA brawl. But Joel’s grandma doesn’t like that one bit - and she’s letting David Stern know it.

Joel Przybilla grandmother

Ana Ivanovic frolicking in the surf with Maria Sharapova’s dream date?

Jenn Sterger is still riding a Jet stream of attention from the media.

• We’ve discovered the best seats in tennis - and they are the property of Vitkoriya Kutuzova & Nicole Vaidisova.

• Could Comcast finally be on the verge of challenging the ESPN monolith?

• Ex-UCLA star Jordan Farmar is a bit fearful of fawning female fans.

• Tennessee Titans cheerleader Melissa will ease your mind - by putting it under a microscope.

Dennis Rodman stars in a movie about a basketball team comprised of midgets. It’s still gotta be better than “Double Team“.

• And the winner of today’s mesmerized Mauresmo caption contest is…

Amelie Mauresmo

Adam, with this eye-opening revelation: I just realized how empty my life was until I confessed my sins to Tim Tebow.

Thanks for playing. Enjoy the NFL playoffs! (Pants-optional, even.)