Week In Review: Danica to Drop ‘em for ESPN Mag

Danica Patrick could be removing her racing suit to pose for an all-nude (yet tastefully done) pictorial for ESPN The Magazine.

Danica Patrick topless

(Well, it’s a start)

• And the Rick Pitino sex-tortion scandal gets more & more pitiful.

• This FIBA Americas basketball tournament is getting quite rough. If it isn’t Mexico & Uruguay throwing punches & chairs, it’s security hassling Charlie Villanueva & his mother.

• College football players could lose their hotel privileges - for home games. But keeping the kids out of the local Motel 6 could actually be a bad idea.

• Are fantasy sports bad for your relationships? Well, in Texas, it can certainly be bad for your health.

• Quite a week for Michael Beasley. First, the Miami Heat player Tweets a photo of himself with what looks to be pot. Then he gets checked into rehab. But it turns out Mike was making a return trip back to rehab anyway.

• As Stanford athletics struggle to stay fiscally solvent, football coach Jim Harbaugh can rest easy in his new $70,000 private bathroom & shower.

• The “S” in SEC basketball must stand for “selfless”: Mississippi State player Jarvis Varnado gives up his scholarship so the Bulldogs can afford to bring in more players, while Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings gives up a $100,000 raise so his team can afford a trip to Australia.

• So, What Would Tim Tebow Do? Sue your ass for using his name in a minor league promotional night.

Tony Romo apparently tried to get Romo-antic with some of Jessica Simpson’s close pals. No wonder Jess put a curse on him.