Week In Review: Anna Goes ‘Daddy’; Lance Hurts

Anna Rawson takes a swing at becoming the newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

Lance Armstrong breaks his collarbone after taking a spill in Spain. Wonder how the race coverage would have sounded in Punjabi?

• Even NBA cheerleaders aren’t safe in these harsh economic times.

• Some Golden Domers get their Irish up over President Obama’s plans to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement.

Herb DeShaies, you old dog! Sneaking an on-camera kiss with a sideline reporter & embarrassing your son Jim in the meantime.

• The beverages of MMA fighter Lyoto Machida are Number 1, alright.

• Here’s a tantalizing tell-all of trying out for the Lingerie Football League.

• A former maid of Kobe & Vanessa Bryant has the poop on being forced to dig through dog feces for a blouse’s price tag. That’s really crappy.

• An obsessed fan is stopped at the CBS studios before he can steal away Shawn Johnson.

• High school girls beat up Dallas radio guys - in a fun game of basketball.