Week In Review: A Lingerie Bowl With Nude Fans?

• The ladies of the Lingerie Bowl are leery of playing at a nude resort.

reby sky bikini

(Lingerie footballer Reby Sky prefers her spectators clothed)

• Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad - I’m hot for the school’s athletic trainer.

• It’s hard to tell what’s more ludicrous - a ‘Rock of Love’ contestant falls on hockey rink ice & thinks she’s broken her boobies, or that she has no idea what’s inside her implants.

• A Minnesota skater hopes to make it as a model - and needs your vote!

• Break out “Brass Bonanza”! The NHL could be heading back to Hartford.

Donovan McNabb wasn’t on fire in Arizona last weekend, but his lawn was. Fortunately, the firebugs were felled by the fuzz.

• Should prayer be permitted in pro football? God, what a touchy issue!

• Marvelous MMA fighter Kyra Gracie can knock you out with her fists - or her feminine charms.

• And the winner of today’s Caroline Wozniacki caption contest is…

Caroline Wozniaki

SbBGirl Whitney’s #1 Fan, who offers this oft-feared fashion emergency: “I wonder if this outfit makes me look fat”.

Thanks for playing! Have a fun football-free weekend, if you can.