We’d Gladly Take $20 Million Just To Stay At Home

• The Green Bay Packers are willing to part with $20 million just to keep Brett Favre back at home in Mississippi.

Brett Favre point

• Some S.O.B. steals a poor kid’s wheelchair during a Twins game.

Les Miles knows how to roll with Snoop Dogg. Geaux Tigers, fo’ shizzle!

• An Olympic journalist pleases his palate with a meal of animal penises.

• Oh, Pudge! Analyzing the Ivan Rodriguez-Kyle Farnsworth trade.

Ken Griffey Jr. blows into the Windy City as the newest member of the White Sox.

• A one-armed swimmer can’t quite make it across the English Channel.

Michael Jordan says he could’ve taken Kobe Bryant in his prime.

• One Oklahoma Sooner receiver gets down ‘n’ dirty with his bad self.

• Seven Russian gals have been banned from Beijing for using fake urine samples during drug tests. What a bunch of dopes.

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