We Prefer To Call It “Handicapable Break Dancing”

It’s a Friday afternoon, and Friday afternoons are for letting loose a little bit. Wouldn’t you agree? At the end of the day, we’re all just people, we’re all the same… except some of us qualify for the Paralympics and some don’t.

Boom Shakalaka!
(Speaking of the Paralympics…)

So when our friends at BRAHSOME posted a video with “handicapped break dancing,” well, just putting those three words together is enough for us to, well, relax our standards of what qualifies as a sport and what doesn’t. Below the break (we’d call it the jump, but we don’t want to offend our less mobile brothers and sisters; it’s like asking a pessimistic blind person to “look on the bright side”), the greatest eight minutes you can spend today - outside of Stephon Marbury’s 24-hour video conference, of course:

(Did we just “served”… by Jimmy from South Park?)

Clearly, the guy in the white beater is the star of the show, but the whole exhibition is totally surreal.

We don’t know anything else about it: where it took place, what the hell language the MC is speaking, whether the MC has legs, and you know what? We don’t care. Context doesn’t do this clip any favors, except to lead us to MORE TRIPODS DOING BACKFLIPS.

But that can wait. Eight minutes is enough for today; hell, it’s enough for the whole weekend. Eight minutes of handicapped break dancing is like three hours of pornography; sure, you can ask for more, but you’re only getting greedy.