Shaq’s Rap Album Sales Year-To-Date? 20 Copies

Jerry Crowe of the LOS ANGELES TIMES, bless his heart, apparently has lotsa free time on his hands these days - so he recently took to looking up the sales of Shaquille O’Neal’s six(?!) albums year-to-date.

Shaq Counts Album Sales

(Photo taken just after Shaq’s 10th CD fell flew off shelves in Sheboygan)

According to Nielsen SoundScan, which monitors U.S. record sales, Shaq-Fu’s six albums have sold a total of 20 copies this year. . . . As in, an average of fewer than four copies per CD. . . .

Four copies per CD? So The Big Crispy is oh-so-close from having all six releases soon going Nickel! Now if only his record label can figure out how to counterweight all those framed discs.

I suppose this also gives us a extremely heavy clue as to why The Big Judas served Kobe an open-a$$ sandwich on Monday. He was clearly trying to jump his album sales into the triple digits. Much like his current NBA (ground) game, I hope The Big Mayo Dollop isn’t setting his sights too far above the rim.

On the bright side, it’s nice to know Suns season ticket holders are getting out of the house for something other than a once-yearly pick-up soccer game.